Why can I get people to say yes, but then I guess they realize I’m serious and back out!?!? Business people, business!

Why can’t I just get someone I know to fuck the shit out of me while my husband helps!?!

All I asked of my husband is for it to be someone we know this time! That’s it! My first toy was awesome but it’s so much more work with someone you don’t know! Fuck now that I think about it - it’s probably harder trying to get someone you know…

Gahhh oh Fuck!

Adventure #2

If this one falls through I will be extremely disappointed. I want him bad…I always have.

Hubs keeps sending me personal ads, but I have asked for the next experience to be with someone we know. I can tell that bothers him a little bit because some of the anonymity is gone, but I would feel more comfortable.

I actually (with hubs encouragement) have been “chatting” with 3 different people we know. One of them knows about my birthday fun and we’ve been dropping hints here and there. Friday night I was quite buzzed. I text him after he left our hangout letting him know my hubs watched him peeking down my shirt.

His response was a little mixed, he admitted that he’d done it but doesn’t remember a specific time. I told him that it was okay, I was willing to share with whoever wanted to see. LOL.
So hubs sent him a text that it was okay to peek, that he didn’t care.

The next night after a few drinks and some awkward looks and conversation I received a blunt text after he left:

"With all the convo from yesterday… Just want direct conversation. Your man seemed a bit uncomfy w/ me at first this evening and knowing what I know was wondering what all that was aiming at?"

I was speechless for a few minuets as the message came through as we were trying to get ready to leave. So I responded with this:

"It’s whatever you want it to be. Really.
If you want to go back to before the things you know that’s fine. We’re chill, seriously. If you don’t want that and want to be open, flirty, and fun we are okay with that too. No hard feelings at all. I promise.”

A few minuets later I got this:


(Honestly I had to look it up lol - it’s Down to fuck)

😮 😉 Bring it on!!! I can tell my man isn’t as thrilled as we had a feeling that he wouldn’t join. Honestly, it’s because he’s my dads close friend…he’s closer to our age though. He really can’t tell me no - he’s the one encouraging this.

I have another wax session set up, but the bitch is about to show so I may have to reschedule. Grrr.

He better not back out…

Happy Birthday to Me

Brazilian it was. My man and my toy helped me decide. I was bare from front to back. That could become addictive because even 4 days later hardly anything has grown back.

Anyways, what you really want to know is what happened….right?

We arrived at the hotel around 7:30pm and checked in. I text my toy and let him know we were there and not really in the mood to meet at the bar. So we met in the courtyard and chatted a little bit when the air turned cool we headed to our room.

We sat around a little bit having a few drinks and talking about what kind of music and sports we were into. The goal was to find something on iTunes Radio that was chill to listen to.

When I finally found something to listen to it got quiet and I gave them each a look and asked, “What are we going to do boys?”

There was a bit of indecisiveness - they both wanted to watch first!
My man won (of course) and my toy led me to the bed and kissed my neck and lips. Our hands were reaching and exploring each other trying to see what the other had in store for them. It was very odd having another man kiss me. I was shaking from nervousness and excitement.

The toy slipped my pants down and slid my panties to the side just as he told me he was going to do. He slid a finger into me and lapped up my juices with his tongue. When he made me cum I begged for my mans mouth on me.

Yes, my man has an amazing tongue.
I could receive oral from him all day and night.

Anyways, after numerous orgasms that sent me into full body tingles I made my man show my toy his tongue. I had to show it off, because it’s amazing. My toy said that my man had a gift. I waved my toy over and began sucking his cock while my man sucked my clit. My toy said he wanted deep throated so I couldn’t disappoint. I’m pretty certain I didn’t.

We all knew it was time. My man wanted my toy to fuck me. I was scared. I’d never had anything that thick or big inside me. I was terrified. He sheathed a condom and slid in my opening. I warned him to go slow. I told him I was tight, but I don’t think he realized how tight. I later found out he hadn’t expected me to be that tight.

As he slid in me I let out a low purr. As he quickened his pace and began fucking me I looked at my man. The look on his face was indescribable, a mix between extreme arousal mixed with jealousy and anger.

I felt like his slut - and loved it.

We positioned ourselves for double penetration and my man lubed up my ass and slid in slowly.

Oh. My. God. The one thing I wanted most…was…amazing.

The feeling of my pussy and ass filled at the same time was so fulfilling. I felt it on two occasions that night. I would love to feel it again. Hopefully soon 😉.

I called for a break after orgasming a few more times. Only to lay there and have them tease me and bring me to orgasm again and again and again.

I love doggy - my toys cock was made for doggy! And he worked me good. So good I passed out cold! I couldn’t take anymore. I felt bad, I’m pretty sure my toy never got off. I’m such a tease.

The next day my toy text me to thank us for the fun time. My favorite was reading the texts to my man. I loved watching him get aroused from another man complimenting me and my pussy.

My toy said that my pussy was, “gorgeous and tight and seeing it stretch when I was fucking you doggy was indescribably awesome.”

I asked my man if he thought my toy enjoyed me and he said: “who wouldn’t? And when he went deep he kept saying ‘oh, damn girl’ ”

It was certainly an experience I will never forget, nor will my man. Every time he thinks of it he gets turned on. He also has begun the search for my next toy. I love being his slutwife.